Signs of Spring!

The Hunter Park Garden House is lush with early season starts for Urbandale Farm, as well as plants for many other farms and urban gardens.  All of the starts are doing exceptionally well as their watering needs and general care are tended to four times a day by Denae, at Foodshed Farmer.

Most of the Urbandale starts growing right now will be transplanted in mid-April to provide the farm with early season greens for the opening day of farmstand.  Check back frequently in May when we’ll post the date of the first market.  We’re looking forward to hosting volunteer work parties on the farm too, and we’ll let you know when its warm enough to start laboring in the soil!

This first week in April is a busy week in the Garden House for us as we’ll start seeding our warm season crops such as tomatoes, peppers, some of the flowers, in addition to a few successions of broccoli, lettuce, and herbs.  Spring is here (and we’re already planning for summer)!

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