Support Urbandale Farm’s Apprenticeship Program

Urbandale Farm is asking the community for help!  Lansing’s first urban farm has launched a crowd funding campaign to support its apprenticeship program.

When you support our Apprenticeship program, you are:

Investing in Lansing:
Urbandale Farm is dedicated to growing community, connecting people, and making our neighborhood more stable. Urbandale Farm’s apprentices are usually people from the neighborhood, Lansing residents who love this place and want to see it be better and stronger.

Creating Jobs:
The apprenticeship program is training people how to farm. Many of our graduates go on to start their own farms or work on area farms with their new skills. Urbandale graduates are competent and very employable.

Supporting Local Agriculture:
Together with the farmer, the apprentices make Urbandale Farm run. Apprentices sow seeds, water, weed, and harvest. They staff the markets and are vital to the operations on the farm. 3 apprentices is the critical number to operate the farm well.

Changing Lives:
I know more than one graduate who would say that the Apprenticeship program had a significant impact on their lives. The Urbandale Apprenticeship program is unique in that it actually PAYS people to learn how to farm, which removes many barriers to acquiring training. By supporting our program, you are allowing the next generation of farmers the chance to learn, which will not only change their lives, but foster change in our community and food system at large.

So how can you help? Donate HERE at our Patronicity page.

Urbandale Farm is operated by the Lansing Urban Farm Project (501c3); all donations are tax deductable to the extent allowed by law.

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