Welcome to our 2017 apprentices

Sean Heenan

I grew up in rural Mason. For the last 19 years, I have worked as a foreign car mechanic. At Urbandale Farm, I hope to learn skills and practices that will lead me to a new career in organic farming where I can spend time outdoors working with nature. In my precious free time, I like to kayak and wander the forests and wetlands with my wife.

Cassandra Cole

Growing up in Lansing as the child of a single-parent household, I experienced firsthand how difficult it can be to find and afford quality meals in what is recognized as a food desert. Fortunately, there have been a growing number of programs and community projects working to combat food scarcity. I came to Urbandale in hopes of getting a closer look at what we as residents can do to increase our quality of life, improve local health, and become more self sufficient in one of America’s hungriest cities.

Ross Fisher

I am a resident of the East side neighborhood of Lansing and really enjoy the sense of community here. I want to use this program to gain skills in urban agriculture to expand its use in the Lansing area. I am interested in making our food system more local and sustainable.

Anna Backman

I’m from Dollar Bay, Michigan, and am currently a senior at Michigan State University, majoring in the arts and humanities with minors in sexuality studies, gender studies, and peace & justice studies. I would like to work on finding solutions to issues faced by disadvantaged communities, using resources already available to community members. Urbandale’s practice of using reclaimed urban land for organic farming is a fantastic example of a community using its resources to create sustainable solutions. My time with Urbandale has been both inspirational and enjoyable, and I’m very excited to be learning about food production!

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