Directions to the Farm

Urbandale Farm is located on the 700 block of S. Hayford Ave in the Urbandale neighborhood on Lansing’s Eastside.  The Urbandale neighborhood is an eight-square block neighborhood bounded by E. Kalamazoo St on the north, I-496 on the south, I-127 to the east, and S. Clemens Ave to the west.

Directions: From E. Kalamazoo St, turn south onto S. Hayford Ave (in between S. Magnolia Ave and S. Foster Ave).  Continue south almost until the road dead ends in a cul-de-sac.  Urbandale Farm’s main field is located on the 700 block of S Hayford on the east side of the street.  Most of our lots have a sign, and our main field is distinguished from our other fields by a chain link fence with our hoop house, farm stand, shed, and wash pack structures visible.

Parking: Parking is available along the west side of S. Hayford Ave., so park along the street just opposite from the farm (there are no parking signs on the east side of S. Hayford Ave).